Buying an Existing Business

Personally, I love the online business model. My company now Develop Dating Business in over 70 countries. The business has no inventory, no receivables and a handful of employees; we outsource nearly every key function except customer service and support. I have absolutely no technical expertise. The entire business is automated and it’s incredibly profitable. An ideal business model, isn’t it?

Taking an Existing Business Online

Preparing is everything! You have a much better opportunity for success when you map out a technique for promoting online than when you just put up a Google! Store and want to offer something. There are significant variations between promoting in real life and promoting essentially.

What is the best part about an online business

Perhaps the best part about an on the online project is that you can get into one quickly and at low costs whether you buy an current one or start one from the begining. However, many for an on the internet success efforts are far greater than most bricks-and-mortar companies because of many of the aspects you are going to read about here. Additionally, because an online business can be run from anywhere at at any time, it’s an suitable business to have for anyone not yet ready to take the full drop into your own business or you like to travel, work place or gently.

Maximizing supplier relationships

When you have an existing business, you have a leg up on people who are just starting out because you already have a relationship with your suppliers. Use these tips to maximize your supplier relationships:

  • Existing retailers can use their real-world status to get product databases and images from suppliers. For some reason, vendors tend to be stingy with product data. Manufacturers and wholesalers can give you additional content for your store, too. Just ask for permission to reuse articles or sell sheets, PDFs, owner's manuals, buyer's guides, or anything else that makes your store better.
  • Pick your suppliers' brains from time to time to keep up on industry trends. Suppliers have a much broader view of the market than any one retailer, and they can give information on what's selling elsewhere with new product ideas you might not notice in your local market.
  • Encourage your suppliers to protect their existing customers by increasing the barriers to entry for new competition. Suggest that they have large initial orders or higher minimum orders or require a physical storefront as a condition for buying wholesale.
  • Ask your suppliers for a link from their Web site to your Yahoo! Store. When you do hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars a year in business with a company, it's really easy to get a link from its site to yours. Don't be afraid to ask for a link and hound the company as much as you can until you get that link. Links from manufacturers and other suppliers really give you a leg up on the competition because they help your search engine rankings. You'll also get traffic and sales from these links. When potential customers are on the manufacturer's Web site, they're looking to buy, and you want to be one of those 10 or 15 stores with a link. If you don't ask, you don't get (a link), so ask!
Selling locally while shipping globally

When you sell both online and offline, sometimes you need two different sets of prices. There's more online competition, so you have to be much more price conscious when you sell online. But because your costs are lower selling online, you can actually make more online than you do offline.

However, the last thing you want to do is alienate your local customers, so use a different business name online and not to use your Yahoo! Store as your company site.

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